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You might be on this page to learn more about me. Thankfully, I can fit all the important bits of my personality into just a few paragraphs. For one, I write. I write a lot. I write so much I went and got myself a degree in it, much to the dismay of some good-hearted folk who thought it was mostly a waste of time. Turns out, they were mostly right. But I’m looking to change that. 

Another thing is, I’m curious. Inquisitive. I look for answers where most would not look for answers, such as inside a hatbox, or at the fresh deli counter in Publix. Once in a while, I howl (politely) to the moon, and she shines advice (politely) back down on me. Weather permitting, of course.

I’m not so good at sixth-grade math, but then I don’t think anyone other than sixth graders are.

When I’m not bleeding on the page, I enjoy cold brew coffee, color-coordinated bookshelves, bees, and topiary. Preferably bee-shaped topiary.

My one goal in life:  to doggedly outrun carpal tunnel.

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