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This is just a hand-picked selection of my hand-made posters, each considering a different topic.


Gentrification has a tendency to displace the communities that were already living in the area before someone decided to come in and spiffy it up. I wanted this poster to display the predatory nature of gentrification, and how just blasting full-steam ahead into a progressive future  isn't very helpful when you're leaving so many people behind.

For this poster, our assignment was to use collage to talk about climate change. I wanted to capture a very blase tone in this piece, and how, even at the end of the world, people would be more concerned with how they could still have fun, still ignore the disaster, even as it happens right before their eyes.


For this project, I wanted to bring play back into eating vegetables. Using the visual elements of Pac-Man—and spending way too much time cutting up green beans into words—I wanted to present eating your greens as a fun challenge, rather than a dour necessity.

Honestly, my mom just likes Alabama the band, and I wanted to make something for their 50th anniversary tour. The fun part about this project was working with the paper cut outs to create depth, character, and a sense of movement.

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