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My partners: Art Directors Michaela Frances and Prerna Gosai

The Insight: Life isn't about the picture-perfect snapshots, but about the real moments that happen in between them.

The Idea: "Your Life. Styled." A campaign centered around Uniqlo's dedication to the everyday, the real, and the practical.

The Manifesto

The Lookbook

Real life isn't planned, perfect, or posed, and neither are we. We're not about models striking a pose—we're about people living in our clothes. Real life is spontaneous, exciting, and it happens when you least expect it. It happens in the in-between.

Our look-book showcases real people in real moments—the kind of moments you'll actually remember.

Internet vs. Uniqlo

We're all about real, and the internet is, well, not. We know real life is not the highlights that we post to social media. We know that right after you capture the perfect shot, you lose you balance, or your dog roams into the room, or your smile turns goofy and real.


Thinking that, we propose Internet vs. Uniqlo. Side by side comparison's of the aesthetic shot, and the candid one that happens right after, or right before.

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 1.14.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 1.39.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 1.15.24 PM.png

Your Life, Encapsulated.

"How far can one outfit get you?"

We've all asked this question at one point or another. In a world that's more on-the-go than not, Uniqlo understands that you don't have time to rotate outfits throughout the day. You need clothes that will get you from playdate to work day without missing a beat.


Instagram Carousels showcasing Uniqlo capsule wardrobes curated by capsule-specific influences.


zhUzh by Uniqlo

Real life gets busy, and real life gets messy. While you're rushing from one important thing to another, sometimes you need to freshen up. Most times you can't take the detour all the way home. That's OK. We'll bring a little zhuzh to you.


A pop-up zhuzh station, that offers a space where people can refresh their shirt, touch up their make up, shine their shoes, etc when time is too tight to turn back home. It would serve as a dedication to zhuzhing up what you have to make it work.

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 1.27.33 PM.png
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