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My partners: Art Directors Juli Rocha and Emma Garan

The Insight: Sometimes you don't notice the effect music has on the mood of a place or situation until the wrong music is playing.

The Idea: "The Music Matters." Showcase how the wrong music can mess up the mood of any situation.


We've worked some cheeky headlines into individual playlist covers. These playlists provide the right kind of the music to these very specific moments. 

Video Spots

Nothing like a banger to walk down the aisle to.

EDM at 8 AM. Not really calming for the soul.


"The Music Matters" is a point best proven in reality. And what better arena to prove it in than MMA?


Hype music in this sport is incredibly important; each fighter has their own entrance music, and getting the crowd pumped up is an essential part of the match.


So what would happen if SoundCloud partnered with, say, Conor McGregor, and changed up his entrance music right before he went on? And what if, say, that music was "The Wheels on the Bus?" Yeah, what a mood killer.

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